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Elevate your Spotify presence with the trailblazing "Spotify for Artists Trading Cards" from TS Digital Label. These cards are a masterful blend of nostalgic collecting and the leading edge of digital music promotion. By engaging in the dynamic culture of trading and competing, you can simultaneously expand your Spotify streams and listener base in a tangible, memorable organic way.



To create your Spotify for Artists Trading Card, we require just your Spotify artist profile link; no additional images are needed. We cannot modify your Spotify profile picture or color border, as these are set through your Spotify for Artists app and are automatically generated by Spotify. Additionally, we uphold authenticity by not fabricating streams, listener counts or popular songs; the stats on your cards will reflect your actual figures at the time of card creation, ensuring each card accurately represents your artist profile.


Each trading card is a tangible touchpoint to your digital world, designed to facilitate a direct connection with fans through a simple scan. With integrated dual QR technology, fans can scan the Spotify Code right within the app for immediate access to your music, or use the traditional QR code if they're not app-ready. This dual-scanning feature ensures no fan is left behind, and your music is accessible to all. These sleek, UV-coated trading cards aren't just promotional tools; they're a statement of your brand's quality and craftsmanship.


Our design process takes roughly 1-3 business days. Once design is approved by you, we'll move swiftly to print and ship your custom cards with UPS Ground, aiming for delivery within 3-7 business days. We strive for promptness, yet please remember that the provided timelines are estimates and may shift due to variables like press maintenance, order volume, and holidays.


Your purchase from TS Digital Label includes only the printed trading cards. We don't provide editable design files to prevent unauthorized copies. All sample proofs are watermarked, and this watermark is only for protection during the approval process. Once you approve the card design, we'll print your cards without the watermark, ensuring the authenticity and integrity of each card and our artwork.


By choosing our glossy, high-quality trading cards, you're not just distributing your music—you're creating an interactive fan experience. Seize this new wave of music promotion and let the physical lead the digital, propelling your Spotify metrics to new heights.


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