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Following a successful meeting at the Spotify headquarters, we are excited to announce our official partnership with Spotify that grants us a direct connection with Spotify's editorial team.


Service Overview:

With this new service, Ts Digital Label will submit your singles directly to Spotify for official editorial playlist consideration. This exclusive opportunity is designed to enhance your chances of getting featured on Spotify's highly coveted editorial playlists, which can significantly boost your music's visibility and reach.

Why Choose Us?

  • Official Connection: Our direct line of communication with Spotify ensures that your music is submitted through an official and recognized channel.

  • Quick Response: Receive official Spotify editorial playlist approvals or denials within 1-3 business days.

  • Detailed Feedback: Get a comprehensive song review report within 1-3 days.

  • Wide Access: Gain direct access to both official and unofficial Spotify playlists, enhancing your music's reach.


Join the Roster of Successful Artists:

Take a step towards greater recognition and success with Ts Digital Label's Official Spotify Playlist Consideration Submission service. Let us help you get your music heard by a global audience.


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